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ZMAN GOAT ToadZ 4 3 Pack

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Product Description

  • Crafted for versatility with the power to thump and vibrate at all retrieve speeds, the new Z-Man GOAT series baits sport twin action tails with the same unique curved paddle tail design arming other Z-Man baits. The GOAT’s segmented, slightly flattened torso transitions to dual thin-skinned kicking legs, each terminating with a pulsating, deeply cupped paddle. Soft and buoyant, the bait’s 10X Tough ElaZtech construction means it’s also durable enough to bounce back, even after boating dozens of bass.Attributes
    • 10X Tough ElaZtech construction for maximum buoyancy and extreme durability
    • Cupped kicker feet provide gurgling, bubbling action at all retrieve speeds
    • Bulky body and streamlined profile for excellent castability
    • Dorsal ridges protect hook points from fouling while still allowing for easy hooksets
    • 4 inch length
    • Belly hook slot aids easy hooksets

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